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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reconfigure EMF

Reconfiguring EMF

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)
PeopleSoft assigns a unique value, which is referred to as a GUID, to each PeopleSoft application installation. When copying databases, it is extremely important to delete the GUID in the new (copied) database.

One of the common issues while your agent(s) is/are not able to update the environment information is due to the reason of GUID field. This field you will find in PSOPTIONS table, where a unique key to each environment has been stored. While crawling the instance, agent find this key and update the information accordingly. In case, you have cloned the instance from some other, this field value remains the same. This is though a manual task, but is must if you use change assistant to apply bundle(s)/POC or any fixes. Steps are below.

1. Bring down the web server and application server.
2. Clear the value of PSOPTIONS.GUID field by query:
UPDATE PSOPTIONS set GUID = ' ' (for Oracle platform).
3. Bring up the application server and web server.
4. When you will reboot the application server, it automatically generates the new GUID field.
5. Check the field by query:

If there is no field value for SHORTNAME and LONGNAME, please go to the below navigation in PIA and update the values.

Main Menu > PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options

Environment Long Name
Environment Short Name

These values are quite important from the point of distinguish between different environments.

If the environment was copied or if you wish to reconfigure EMF, there are files in several locations that need to be deleted.

To Clean up the PSEMHUB data you also need to ensure that you delete data from all the Agents and the Peers, you cannot just delete data from the PSEMHUB server.

You need to perform this cleanup on all Agents, Change Assistant (CA), Viewer and HUB, that will reinitialize everything for you.

Make sure you stop the Agents, CA, Viewer, HUB before you delete these files or directories. After that you can restart them.

Delete the files in the following directories, under PS_HOME\PSEMAgent for Agents, under PS_HOME\PSEMViewer for the Viewer and under the Change Assistant directory for Change Assistant.

Agent-Specific Resolutions
Delete the following agent directories if they exist:
• PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\data\ids\
• PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\PersistentStorage
• PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\scratchpad
• PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\transactions\(if it exists)
• In PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\data delete all files except matcher.xml

Viewer-Specific Resolutions
Delete the following viewer directories if they exist:
• PS_HOME\PSEMViewer\envmetadata\data\ids\
• PS_HOME\PSEMViewer\envmetadata\PersistentStorage
• PS_HOME\PSEMViewer\envmetadata\scratchpad
• PS_HOME\PSEMViewer\envmetadata\transactions

Change Assistant
Delete the following directories in the Change Assistant Directory (default is C:\Program Files\PeopleSoft\Change Assistant) if they exist:
• \envmetadata\data\ids\
• \envmetadata\PersistentStorage
• \envmetadata\scratchpad
• \envmetadata\transactions\(if it exists)
• In \envmetadata\data delete all files except matcher.xml

Delete the files in the following directories under PS_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PSEMHUB if your domain name is not 'peoplesoft' then change the above directory accordingly.

Web Server
Delete the following web server directories located in:
• PersistentStorage
• scratchpad
• data\environment
• data\proxies
• In data directory delete all files except data.txt.

Start EMF Agent and the current information will be registered.

PeopleTools 8.51 will have an automated method for clearing the EMF cache

Change Assistant Miscellenous - Part 1

If you have applied the bundles anytime using CA and with "Apply Application Updates" option, you might have seen that in the end of each bundle, CA do an additional step: Update Package Prerequisites. In the end, CA runs a script "prereqs_i.dms" to update the DB about the prerequisite info if you use "Apply Application Updates" option.

The Update Package Prequisites is a data mover script that is correctly run at the end of the Apply process. It typically looks like this:

Delete from Psprojectdep where projectname = 'PRJnnnnnn';


where nnnnnn is your Bundle ID/Update ID. Remember, if you are applying multilingual bundle (for unicode database), then in inset statement, first value precedes with ML, but second value will not. For example, if you are applying Bundle '12345', Delete and insert statement would be like:DELETE FROM PSPROJECTDEP WHERE PROJECTNAME=PRJxxxxxxML


It is basically removing any dependence for this project from the Dependence table. This is a type of clean up.

During the job to apply the change package, the Apply Wizard will check the manifest file located within the Change Package. The manifest contains all of the Pre and Post Requisite information for the particular Change Package that is being applied

The manifest.xml is in each change package zip file.