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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change Assistant Options

Once you have installed Change Assistant, you can use it for different purposes by setting up Options.

So if you can see from the above picture, i.e if you go to Change Assistant's Menu Tools- Options you can choose one of the following Mode for your requirement:
There are 4 types of Change Assistant Modes:

Change Assistant Mode


Apply Application Updates

Use to apply application updates.This mode uses Environment Management Framework (EMF) to define the environment and enables you to connect to Customer Connection. For Example, Applying Bundles that are delivered as change packages.

Perform PeopleTools Only Upgrade

Use to perform a PeopleTools-only upgrade. For Example, Upgrading PeopleTools from 8.46 to 8.49. The environment is created in Change Assistant.

Perform Application Upgrade

Use to perform an application upgrade. For Example, Upgrading your PeopleSoft Application from 8.9 to 9.0;The environment is created in Change Assistant.

Create or Modify Templates

Use when you want to create new templates or modify existing templates.

The other Settings are used as follows, which we will learn about it later:

Enable Server Processing:

Enables Change Assistant to run Application Engine, Data Mover User, Data Mover Bootstrap and SQL scripts to run on remote agents. The agents are configured in EMF (environment Management Framework) during an application upgrade.

Maximum Concurrent :

Processes Specifies the maximum number of processes that can be executed concurrently on the local machine. The default is 1.


Download Directory:

Enter the full path of the location to which you want to download your change packages. For Example, if you want to download the change packages, you can specify as C:\90upgrade\CA\down. you must create this folders before you assign it here.


Enter the full path in which you installed PeopleTools. if you have installed PeopleSoft under HRMS90 directory, provide that here. For Example C:\hrms90;

Staging Directory:

Enter the directory in which you would like to stage all the Change Assistantupdate files. This is the location that Change Assistant will store files to be used during the apply update process. For Example, C:\90upgrade\CA\STAGE

Output Directory:

Enter the directory in which you want the log files generated by the updateprocess to reside. For Example C:\90upgrade\CA\OUTPUT

Remote Agent

Change Assistant can run Application Engine, Data Mover scripts and SQL script on a PeopleSoft EnvironmentManagement remote agent. This improves processing time for data conversion and Build and Alter scriptsduring the move to production upgrades.

Host Name:

Name of the remote agent machine.

Host_PSHOME (CompleteExecutable Path):

The complete path to psdmtx and psae. For example, on Windows,c:\hrms90\bin\client\winx86\, on UNIX, /ds1/pt848/bin/.

Host SQL QueryExecutable:

The complete path and filename of the SQL query executable. For example,on Windows, c:\oracle10\bin\sqlplus.exe, on UNIX, /ds1/oracle/bin/sqlplus.

Host MaximumConcurrent Processes:

The maximum number of process that can be executed concurrently onthe remote agent.

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